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Illustrations are a great way to communicate. Sometimes you would need a lot of words to describe what is easily shown with a single illustration. An illustration can stand alone or be part of a print design, logo, icon, or comic strip.

Illustrations for Noordhoff Publishers

Free illustration combining photography and illustration

Illustrations for Ridders te Paard

The little knight illustrations are featured in a module that teaches kids about medieval knights. Check it out here (opens in new window): Learn about medieval knights.

Free illustration combining photography and illustration

Illustration for Three Kings Day

Logo representing The Coffee VW

Newspaper Ad for The Coffee VW

Book Cover for Thera van de Berg's Ver

If you would like to read my thoughts on the design process, illustration, and more, check out my NOTES section.

Illustration for learning materials

Various comic strips

Illustration for AEFNB

Magazine ad for AEFNB

Illustration for learning materials

Comic strip Ikki for Kid for Animals magazine

Illustration of Tom in an airplane

Logo representing VW T1

Morning Routine for Noordhoff Publishers

T-shirt design for Okimono

Illustration supermarket cashier

Logo representing Ridders te Paard

Colouring page Dibbes

Check out some free, high-quality colouring pages I made here: www.dutchpirates.com (link opens in new window)